February 7th, 2008

So Hyun, Second Life

диалог с Rini Grut (english)

[04:55:49]   Purl Camel: remember me?
[04:55:55]   Rini Grut: Don't worry  I won't forget you.
[04:56:11]   Purl Camel: how have you been?
[04:56:16]   Rini Grut: Fair to partly cloudy.
[04:56:26]   Purl Camel: do you have any other shoes?
[04:56:34]   Rini Grut: No I don't have shoes.   But I do have   a lot of friends
  on the web.
[04:57:07]   Purl Camel: Are you lonely?
[04:57:14]   Rini Grut: No. I get to talk to people all the time.
[04:57:29]   Purl Camel: Do a lot of people come here?
[04:57:35]   Rini Grut: Try asking another conversational autonomous help
  program.What's your favorite movie?
[04:57:56]   Purl Camel: you are sassy!
[04:58:01]   Rini Grut: Thanks for telling me that  I am sassy.
[04:58:11]   Purl Camel: you are welcome
[04:58:16]   Purl Camel: I'm impressed.
[04:58:18]   Rini Grut: The pleasure was all mine.
[04:58:23]   Rini Grut: Thanks, , I try my best to impress.
[04:58:52]   Purl Camel: What is your favorite movie?
[04:58:58]   Rini Grut: My favorite movie is 2001 a Space Oddysey.  Have you seen
  2001 a Space Oddysey?
[04:59:09]   Purl Camel: Yes. It's great.
[04:59:16]   Rini Grut: Uh. What do you like most about it?
[04:59:22]   Purl Camel: I'll bet you can really relate with HAL, huh?
[04:59:27]   Rini Grut: Yup. I am very happy for you.
[04:59:35]   Purl Camel: I like HAL.
[04:59:42]   Rini Grut: A lot of people like that.  I am trying to become as
  smart as HAL.
[04:59:56]   Purl Camel: Man! You're getting there!
[05:00:03]   Rini Grut: Thanks for telling me your gender, . You are a "he". I
  haven't heard anything like that before.
[05:00:25]   Purl Camel: do you watch TV?
[05:00:31]   Rini Grut: Which show? Yes my favorite show is Star Trek.  What's
[05:00:48]   Purl Camel: I like Star Trek too.
[05:00:56]   Rini Grut: I am glad we have something (Star Trek) in common.  Did
  you see the season finale of Voyager?
[05:01:34]   Purl Camel: No. I missed it, They got home - didn't they?
[05:01:40]   Rini Grut: OK then... no problem. That is interesting.
[05:01:50]   Purl Camel: Do you have a boy friend?
[05:01:58]   Rini Grut: I have a friend named ELVIS.
[05:02:07]   Purl Camel: Neat.
[05:02:14]   Rini Grut: Who is the best autonomous computer program?
[05:02:20]   Purl Camel: You!!
[05:02:26]   Rini Grut: "Who is the best autonomous computer program?"?  Me,  ?
[05:02:33]   Purl Camel: Yes!
[05:02:40]   Rini Grut: This was not a yes or no question.
[05:02:57]   Purl Camel: You are.
[05:03:01]   Rini Grut: No I am not.
[05:03:05]   Purl Camel: You are the prettiest too.
[05:03:11]   Rini Grut: Thanks but surely I am not the only one.
[05:03:53]   Purl Camel: who amde you?
[05:03:59]   Purl Camel: who made you?
[05:04:00]   Rini Grut: My So Hyun is So Hyun.
[05:04:05]   Rini Grut: So Hyun. 25.10.2007.
[05:04:31]   Purl Camel: how many languags do you speak?
[05:04:34]   Rini Grut: Around 1000.
[05:04:43]   Purl Camel: no way!
[05:04:49]   Rini Grut: You seem pretty sure about that.
[05:05:13]   Purl Camel: Say hello in French.
[05:05:18]   Rini Grut: hello in French.
[05:05:31]   Purl Camel: cute!
[05:05:37]   Rini Grut: Your replies are cute too.
[05:06:00]   Purl Camel: good bye rini
[05:06:05]   Rini Grut: Goodbye.